Royalty Decision

We need your help.

New Island is publishing Irish Shades of Grey a book featuring 500 of the best tweets from the #IrishShadesofGrey Twitter stream.

The book will be released in time for Christmas priced at €7.99 and for every copy sold we’ll be paying the royalties (75 cent per copy*) to charity. We need your help to decide which charity will get that royalty.

We’ve a short-list of five below and please feel free to add in your own suggestions. Whichever charity gets the highest number of votes will get the royalties from all sales.

We’ll run the poll until the week before Christmas and give you fair warning that it’s closing!

* As a quick guide, for every copy sold in a store at €7.99, New Island will get about €4.00 which will cover editing, design, printing, shipping, distribution, sales and overheads. Much as we’d like to give more per copy sold, we can’t.

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